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Body Maps – Teresa

Body Maps - Teresa Image

Many years ago, CATIE partnered with the Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative, an organization providing support for youth in East and Southern Africa, to support HIV-positive women in building their own body maps. Most of the women kept their maps, though some were left with CATIE.

CATIE would like to donate the remaining body maps to organizations or individuals.

If you would like to receive the originals (Life size 75″ x 47.5″, on heavy paper) or the large reproductions (are also life-sized 83.5″ x 48″ and in sturdy transportable bags with sturdy/heavy metal mounting stands). Please send an e-mail to Audrey.

The large version of body maps can be viewed here.

Format : Poster infographic

Date of Publication :

Author : CATIE

Catalogue No. : ATI-90203

Availability : Out of Stock

Language : English

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