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Pre-fix: A guide for people with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs

Pre-fix: A guide for people with Hep C or HIV who inject drugs
FORMAT: Book / report
DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2015 (revised in 2016)

With the advent of direct-acting antivirals that are more effective and easier to take, CATIE has produced a range of new client resources that reflect the new reality of hepatitis C treatment in Canada. We are also reviewing earlier publications and have committed to updating and revamping these resources as necessary.

The following client resources contain up-to-date information about current hepatitis C treatments:

·         6 Things to Know About Hep C

·         Hep C Can Be Cured

·         Getting Started: Important Things to Know When You Have Hepatitis C

·         Hep C Key Messages:

o   Living with Hep C? Take care of your liver. And yourself.

o   Treatment can cure Hep C. Know your options.

o   Hepatitis C. You can have it and not know it. Get Tested.

o   Hep C is passed blood to blood. Know the risks.

o   There are different kinds of hepatitis. Know the ABCs.

o   Not just needles. Everything new every time. Prevent Hep C.

·         Hep C Passport

·         Hepatitis C Drugs Approved in Canada for Adults

·         Understanding Cirrhosis of the Liver: First Steps for the Newly Diagnosed

·         Hep C and Sex For Gay Men

·         Hep C Stories

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