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Pozitively Healthy: a gay manís guide to sex and health in Canada

Pozitively Healthy: a gay manís guide to sex and health in Canada
FORMAT: Booklet
AUTHOR/PUBLISHER: Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA)| Ontarioís Gay Menís Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH)| CATIE

**NOTE: Please be advised that the HIV and the Law references in this resource are under review and  are being revised in light of the October 5, 2012, Supreme Court of Canada ruling on non-disclosure of HIV status. For more immediate information on the implications of this ruling, please refer to:  HIV non-disclosure and the criminal law:  An analysis of two recent decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada



In Ontario, contact your local AIDS service organization to obtain copies of Pozitively Healthy: a gay man's guide to sex and health in Ontario. 

This guide, developed and written by gay men living with HIV, is a frank and fresh look at the issues and questions surrounding sexual health for positive gay men. The guide leads you through the main points of sexual health, from why you deserve a healthy sex life, through safer sex to handling "no" while remaining positive. Basic information is combined with practical tips so that you can make decisions about sex that are right for you, and it all comes from the perspective of HIV-positive gay men who have been in your situation. Whether you're looking for information on how viral load impacts the risk of passing on HIV or tips on talking to your partner about your HIV status, this guide can help.

Pozitively Healthy is currently under review and redevelopment. Look for the latest edition when the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance of Ontario launches “The Sex You Want” October 2016.

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