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HIV disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Canada

HIV disclosure: a legal guide for gay men in Canada
FORMAT: Booklet
DATE OF PUBLICATION: revised/révisé 2013
AUTHOR/PUBLISHER: HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario (HALCO) | Ontario’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) | CATIE

*This booklet was updated in May 2013 to include important new legal information from court cases about the criminal law and HIV non-disclosure.

This guide, written for gay men living with HIV, offers information about HIV disclosure and Canadian criminal law. The guide outlines what the law says, and doesn't say, about your rights and obligations around the disclosure of your HIV status during sex. It explores situations, such as relationships or having sex with another guy who is HIV-positive. Advice on how to disclose is paired with tips on how to protect yourself against guys who might lie. It also has information about disclosure and other areas of the law, such as public health, privacy, employment, travel and immigration. Finally, the guide provides resources and contacts for more information.

Understanding how the law impacts your sex life can be difficult; this guide aims to provide accurate practical answers.