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Strong Medicine [Poster only]

Strong Medicine [Poster only]
FORMAT: Poster
AUTHOR/PUBLISHER: CATIE & Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network
LANGUAGE: Bilingual (English & French)

Strong Medicine is an educational video developed by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network and CATIE, with and for Indigenous people living with HIV. This screening kit includes a DVD, 10 customizable promotional posters, and talking points for presenters. For more information about hosting a screening in your community, please contact Mary Choy at

By weaving together Indigenous knowledges of culture and wellness and Western knowledge of HIV testing and treatment, this video shares accurate information about HIV testing and treatment. It encourages people to get tested and to start, resume or stay on HIV treatment for their own health and wellness. This video is a positive and supportive educational tool for all Indigenous people living with HIV and those affected by HIV.

This item does not include the DVD of Strong Medicine. To order a complete screening kit with DVD, 10 customizable promotional posters, and speaking notes for presenters, please order here .