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The CATIE Ordering Centre provides resources free-of-charge to AIDS service organizations, healthcare providers and other frontline service providers across Canada.* For help with finding resources and placing orders, please visit our FAQ page.

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International Youth Day – August 12

Enquête canadienne sur les indicateurs de santé sexuelle—essai pilote et phase de validation : Rapport technique final International Youth Day is on August 12. Its goals are to promote the diversity, leadership, and impact of youth in their communities and to inspire marginalized, disengaged, and/or disenfranchised youth to action.

The CATIE Ordering Centre has a range of resources designed for youth that you can order here.





* Please note that some resources available through the Ordering Centre contain language, information and images related to sexuality and drug use, and may not be intended for people of all ages. CATIE ensures that these resources, developed to help prevent the transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other infections, are written and reviewed by health experts for content accuracy. Organizations ordering these materials must review them to determine that the content is appropriate for their intended audience.